RED BANK, NJ:  Mayor Pat Menna opened the council meeting with the swearing in of our newest Red Bank Law Enforcement Officer, Patrolman Taylor Doremus.  A large crowd including his family and fellow police officers were on hand and gave a rousing applause afterward.  The Doremus family goes back generations in Red Bank and Taylor Doremus was previously with the Little Silver Police Department.  "Little Silver's loss is our gain,” said Mayor Pat Menna.  

The council moved on with the adoption of an ordinance to eliminate citizenship requirements to obtain a business license.  To read the ordinance, click HERE.

An amendment was passed outlining the requirements for the placement of wireless telecommunications devices in public rights of way. 

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This is related to 5G technology which will require that the entire wireless infrastructure be essentially rebuilt from scratch. 

How 5G Works

In older wireless technologies carriers such as Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile, they were able to add new antennas to existing towers.  A completely new infrastructure with a much higher concentration of antennas is required for 5G. 

When more cell coverage was needed the carriers built new towers several miles apart.  5G however, requires that antennas to be positioned within 1,000 feet of each other. 

Plus, each new antenna will need to be serviced by a new fiber optic line, which in turn must be brought back to a switching station where new high-tech routers and switches are concentrated to move the vast volumes of data. 

It’s like your relationship.  It’s complicated. 

So, what’s the tradeoff?  Less cell towers but a lot of “relay boxes” throughout the cities and towns.

5G will be up to 10 times faster than 4G.  Because 5G taps into a range of extremely high radio frequencies, the capacity to support huge amounts of high-speed data will take a giant leap.

To watch a very informative video entitled “Everything You Wanted to Know about 5G,” click HERE.  The video is a courtesy of IEEE Spectrum.

To read the ordinance, click HERE.

A first reading for two bond ordinances were passed, both for monies directed to undertake streetscape, lighting and drainage improvements in the English Plaza and White Street parking lots.  The first ordinance bond was in the amount of $180,000, and the second for $3,221,000.  "This will be paid by the Parking Utility fund, and not through general revenues," said Mayor Pat Menna.

A resolution was passed to purchase a $199,475 pre-fab restroom building as part of the East Side Park and Mohawk Pond renovations project. The restroom will be located at the East Side Park.

To see the full agenda, click HERE.

To watch a video of the entire meeting, courtesy of Suzanne Viscomi, click HERE.

The next Workshop meeting that was to be held Wednesday, December 4th, was canceled due to the minimum number of agenda items. 

The next regular council meeting will be held Wednesday, December 11th.

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