RED BANK, NJ:  First a story about how chiropractic medicine came about.

Dr. Storti recently had a grand opening for his new office, the Quality of Life Chiropractic Center, located at the corner of Rt. 35 and (709) Sycamore Avenue in Tinton Falls.

Dr. Storti told the story that on the same day as his grand opening, back on September 18, 1895, Dr. DD Palmer was the first physician to make the initial chiropractic adjustment.

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“Harvey the janitor walked in with a neck injury from work which caused ringing in his ears, and blockage in one.  Basically, he couldn’t hear.  Palmer examined Harvey’s neck and noticed and felt something out of place.  He pushed the bones back into position and almost immediately, Harvey’s hearing returned.

He told his son BJ (seemed they were all called by their initials), of this success.  BJ entered the profession, taking on all aspects including the advertising, marketing, and research the development of chiropractic therapy.  He was a master promoter publicizing it for the next sixty years, buying a radio station and even using an elephant as a marketing billboard,” said Storti.

The difference, Storti related, is that, “DD Palmer would make an adjustment and let the patient rest for thirty minutes to an hour.  In today’s adjustments, they’re so fast - quick adjustment, out the door.  That’s not what the was profession was built on: you make an adjustment, there’s a reaction, and a rest period.” 

And now you know the rest of the story.

You’ve seen one chiropractor, you’ve seen them all, right?

No way.

Dr. Storti has gone back to the roots of chiropractic medicine.

His practice uses open patient rooms.  After an adjustment there is a rest period.   He then consults with a second patient, returning to see how the first patient’s body has reacted, making sure things are balanced, “So that the time they leave it’s a complete process, the body is balanced, the person is at ease,” said Storti.

Quality of Life Chiropractic Center tends to deal with people who have a more chronic conditions; fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraines and the like.  Dr. Storti said that his patients are, “People who need a gentle touch.  Our technique uses a lot of pressure points on the body and trigger points on the skull.  This brings the body from a stressed to a relaxed state.  It’s not as dynamic or forceful adjustment that you typically see in a chiropractic office.  People who need a softer touch can come to me.”

If you’re looking for a more refined and considerate chiropractic experience, call the Quality of Life Chiropractic Center at (732) 778-2998.

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