MONMOUTH COUNTY, NJ: Everyone has heard the saying, "Laughter is the best medicine." Well maybe there is something to that. What if in the face of chaos our first response is to have fun? It turns out there are real health benefits to laughter and fun. Listen to an excerpt from the inspiring TEDx speaker Tara Geraghty in the video below: 


Tara Gerahty is a motivational speaker, businesswoman, author, mom of a pediatric cancer survivor, and a survivor herself of domestic abuse. 

Geraghty's new book that only a pediatric cancer mom could write: Making Cancer Fun, a book that is sure to help countless families battling the unthinkable-pediatric cancer. Geraghty's daughter in 2009 was diagnosed with high-risk stage 4 neuroblastoma. Her daughter is today a 13 year old and a 10 year cancer survivor. Geraghty is dedicated to helping others cope with the devastating experience of pediatric cancer. Geraghty fought her daughter's cancer with fun and laughter, and she wants to share her coping tools with anyone in the same or similar situation. Geraghty is committed to giving hope where there is often despair, bringing light to many. 

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Geraghty shares powerful tools for helping anyone get through difficult situations. These valuable tools can be applied to both personal and work situations. 

You can buy a copy of Tara's book on her website