RED BANK, NJ – TAPinto Red Bank will be offering a series of articles profiling the men and women of the Red Bank Police Department.  Our purpose is to have the borough residents gain a personal sense of the  law enforcement officer (LEO), behind the badge and the support personnel who keep us safe 24/7/365.

We spoke with Billy Morrison, Dispatcher for the RBPD and asked him a few questions.

Billy was recently recognized by the borough council with a Certificate of Appreciation for a “heads-up” response to call from a resident.  To read the TAPinto Red Bank article, click HERE.

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TAP:  Tell us about yourself, where you grew up and how long you’ve been a Dispatcher with the RBPD

I have been dispatching here since July of 2015.  I grew up in West Virginia and moved to New Jersey in 2002.

TAP:  Please explain the training you’ve had and what your work entails

The primary function of my job is fielding incoming calls at the police desk.  My training consisted of two months of on the job training with another dispatcher.  I also rely heavily on life experience.  Prior military service in the USAF has served me well in being comfortable with radio communication and staying calm in high stress situations.

TAP:  A dispatcher is seen as a stepping stone to becoming a LEO.  Is that your goal, and why?

Due to my age I am not able to become a LEO.  The position that I am currently in is one of the most stressful, but most rewarding jobs I have ever held.  I love the position and take a great deal of pride in what I do.

TAP:  Being a Dispatcher can be a high stress job.  What outside activities do you do to relax?

The job can be extremely stressful.  You can’t take your work home with you.  I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.  For me relaxation is just the simple things like being outdoors and sharing a good laugh with those who are close to me.

TAP:  As a dispatcher, you’re the first to “hear it”.  Tell us about your most exciting call(s), and how you remain calm

In the almost 4 years of working this job I have dealt with all sorts of emergencies.  For me it is focusing on what is being said and not how it is being said. You cannot get caught up in the emotion of the call. My job is to relay the information that will best assist the officers that are going into a bad situation on my word alone.  That is a lot of responsibility.

TAP:  What’s most gratifying about your job?

The most gratifying part of my job is at the end of a tough shift, watching all my guys going home and knowing I played a significant role in making sure that was possible.

To quote Chief Darren McConnell, “Our dispatchers are kind of unsung heroes.”  Billy may not be in the public eye, but he is a critical link to ensuring that the calls from the citizens of Red Bank are responded to in their time of need.

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