RED BANK, NJ: With over 25 years of combined experience, Mark & Allison Gregory offer a deep understanding of the local market forged through their exceptional service to many homeowners and investors, helping them to achieve the real estate results they desire.

Eight hours from listing a house, we received a call from a buyer in California with a full price cash offer.  This property sold well over the asking price.  Why do some homes sit and others fly off the shelf?   

First: How well does your agent know their market?  

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This particular property recently had been listed before and did not sell despite being priced well under the current asking price.   Having an agent who knows the market and knows how to handle multiple offers ethically and fairly often can make an enormous difference for the sellers.   

Second: Choose an agent that goes the extra mile 

Within 2 days, over 40 buyers came to see this property we had re-listed. Multiple offers were made and our clients most difficult part was picking the best of many great offers.  

The Gregory team takes our knowledge of what’s going on in the communities we serve, combines it with the details on properties that haven’t sold, haven’t closed, or haven’t been listed yet. This lets us read between the lines and stay current on the local market trends.

With the housing markets rapidly changing prices, simply looking at properties that have sold is only understanding where the housing market was 45 - 70 days ago.  Understanding the immediate now and being current will get you the best return.  

Third: We practice the 3 R’s -- Respect, Response & Review

Respecting the buyer's agent and the buyer is crucially important.  In this market with multiple offers, it’s easy to slide into arrogant behavior.  This serves no one but an individual’s ego.  It can be off-putting and might block the best offer from ever coming in.  Buying a home is a serious commitment and endeavor. We try to put ourselves in the buyer's shoes and treat them with respect.

 Responding to offers and inquiries on a hot property can be daunting, especially when the phone seems to be ringing off the hook.  Every call is important and should be logged and questions answered.  Because we are a team, we are able to respond quickly and get the details to the buyers. 

Some agents solve this taxing portion of the job with 3rd party vendors like Showing Times.

The Mark and Allison Gregory team doesn't.

It is crucial to pass on information about the property to the buyers agents. Responding to all inquiries and offers immediately is key to getting the best buyer connected with our seller.

 Finally, comes the Reviewing part. If everything has been done well, you should receive offers to review.  Having an agent who can guide you through multiple offers is critical for success.  Simply picking the highest offer will not necessarily get you the best offer.  

Understanding the difference between types of loans, appraisals, contingency, double contingency, money down, inspections, etc., and how that can affect the process and final purchase price is key to deciding which is the best offer.  

Looking to sell, buy or rent? Call Mark & Allison Gregory at Resources Real Estate in Rumson for expert guidance. The dynamic duo can be reached at 908-472-2194 or 908-337-8150, anytime!

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