CLARK, NJ – At just one month old and a mere five pounds, little Victoria Hope Lordi is stricken with respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, and her mother, Joelle Lordi, is asking for prayers of support. 

Joelle Lordi has begun a prayer chain on Facebook and posts frequent updates on the baby’s condition.  Admitted to the hospital on Monday, Victoria is now on a respirator and heavily sedated, according to the posts. There are signs of pneumonia in her right lung and she’s on a feeding tube and intravenous antibiotics.

“Asking Facebook for a strong and long prayer chain,” Joelle Lordi writes. “...and please keep it going and don’t stop…please…share it…she needs as many prayers as she can get.”

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According to WebMD, RSV is common and highly contagious virus that causes cold symptoms in most babies and children.  “But for a small percentage, infection with the RSV virus can lead to serious problems such as bronchiolitis, which is inflammation of the small airways of the lungs, or pneumonia, which can become life-threatening,” the website explains.

“She is a little baby but has a huge fight...,” Joelle Lordi continues. “I thank each one of you for your prayers and faith... please don't stop... God is listening and has angels at her side...”