ROSELLE PARK, NJ - Local Chapters of UNICO, an Italian-American service organization, came together to celebrate St. Joseph’s Day, a treasured Italian custom, on Tuesday at Costa’s Restaurant.  More than 80 members of the organization’s District X enjoyed a traditional feast.

According to, the Feast of St. Joseph is held to commemorate the end of a famine in Sicily in the Middle Ages.  Villagers were said to have prayed to St. Joseph, Jesus’ earthly father, for his intercession in ending the famine, promising him a feast in return for rain. 

Clark UNICO President Ralph Bernardo said Tuesday’s feast was complete right down to a traditional bowl of blessed fava beans, a good luck charm to be carried in one’s pocket.  

Pictured are Clark UNICO’s Vice President Joe Arancio, UNICO National President Dominick DeCastro,  Hillside UNICO President Angelo Bonnano, Union UNICO President Joe Almeida and members of the executive committee.