ROSELLE, NJ - Students competed in STEM-related experiments at the Dr. Charles C. Polk Elementary School during their 2017 Science Fair. The event held last Thursday evening, brought many staff, students and their families out to see many experiments by these future scientists. 

The finalists and their experiments were as follows.

First Grade:

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  • Mauricio Navarro, "Why Is Sugar Bad for You?"
  • Symphony Sheffield-Washington, "How does lemon juice affect the oxidation process?"
  • Avrielle Smith, "Does smell affect taste?"
  • Lamir Taylor, "What color M&M will melt faster in the microwave?" (Honorable Mention)

Second Grade:

  • Mikahi Valle, "Can water be layered?"
  • Sanai Alston, "Do some liquids expand more than others when frozen?"
  • Jhosuah Gochez, "Does oil float on water?"
  • John Huisacayna, "Friction-Dancing Balls" (Honorable Mention)

Third Grade:

  • Davon Rhodes, "What is the best way to store bread?"
  • Xander Long, "Which paper towel brand is the most absorbent?"
  • Steven Johnson, "Do worms prefer light or darkness?"
  • Anthonio Givens, "Absorbent Towels" (Honorable Mention)

Fourth Grade:

  • Destin Darko, "Impacting Plant Growth"
  • Bridgette Duffour, "Acids, Bases and Salts"
  • Steven Almiron, "Does an object's weight affect its ability to float sink on Non-Newtonian fluids?"
  • Najee Dykes, "Which battery lasts longer?" (Honorable Mention)

Judges for the event were, Mr. Michael Johnson, Director of Association Initiatives, YMCA, Healthy U-Catch Grant; Ms. Maryellen Moffitt, RPS Gifted and Talented Coordinator; Ms. Karen Oliphant, RPS Testing Supervisor; and Ms. Daryl Wainer, RPS Supervisor, ESL, Bilingual and World Languages.