Two new engineering programs will be initiated at Mother Seton this year. In these courses, students will enjoy hands-on exposure in the soon-to-be dedicated Sr. Regina Martin Engineering Center.

One class is entitled “Engineering Design Process.” Students will be empowered to develop the 21st century skills necessary to create, design, and innovate real world challenges and solutions.  In cooperative learning groups, students will brainstorm, build prototypes, and do test runs of their creations.  Mother Seton is one of eleven schools in the Archdiocese of Newark that will offer this new engineering design course as part of its curriculum. 

Katherine Sullivan, the high school’s physics teacher, was able to bring a working knowledge she gained from her professional experiences as an engineer to the creation of this course for the schools of the Archdiocese.  “I am excited about this program,” says Mrs. Sullivan.  “The girls will be learning to think outside the box.  They will study the science behind things and use their creativity.  They will be exposed to what real engineers do on a daily basis.” Combining their existing science and mathematics skills with their imagination, students will create the future.

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   The second course is called “Exploring Engineering” and focuses on computer programming and electronics. The first year is dedicated to coding, and the second year is spent working with electronics and will be taught by Miss Louella Estillero. Louella is a 2010 graduate of Mother Seton and one of their current Math teachers.  Over the summer, during an intensive professional development course, Louella wrote programs in a variety of computer languages, built and tested circuits, and programmed electronics to perform different tasks. Her passion and knowledge was evident to her peers and in particular to the Archdiocesan Director of Technology, Ann Oro, who praised Miss Estillero’s masterful ability to both grasp and teach this material. Mother Seton is one of four schools in the Archdiocese of Newark, the only one in Union or Essex County, to offer this course.

Mother Seton will host an Open House on Wednesday, November 2nd for girls in grades 5-8 program begins at 7pm. The High School will also be hosting an Engineering Symposium on Thursday, October 27th at 7pm. For more information, visit