ROSELLE, NJ - Harrison Elementary third-grade students from the classes of Mrs. Espin, Ms. Orejuela, Mrs. Lanzano and Ms. Guberman have been researching the solar system and the sun for the last few weeks. They have worked collaboratively through S.T.E.A.M. project-based learning, and have created exhibits, research reports and solar system displays, that turned the hallway in front of their classrooms into an exciting virtual Galaxy.

Why don't the planets collide? Why are the planets round? Is there life on other planets?  What role does the Sun play in this galaxy?

The students answered these questions and had everyone who passed through the hallways saying “Wow!” Some of the display were even lit up showing the night and the moon.
It’s surprising at how Earth compares to other planets in our galaxy. As astronaut Kalpana Chawala said, "When you look at the stars and the galaxy, you feel that you are not just from any particular piece of land, but from the solar system”

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“It is imperative that students study one of the most fast paced and promising areas of scientific research, planetary science. This research helps them understand more about our planet and answer questions such as how global warming affects Earth and the role Earth has in our solar system." Mrs. Espin

The students also studied and presented information on Bio systems and were proud and very eager to share what they had learned with their peers at Harrison as well as the Roselle community. They were put in groups and made projects to display the answer to the questions above.The students who toured the project were from first and second grade and then the third and fourth grades visited each other's projects. 

School Administrators, Dr. West (Superintendent of Schools), Dr. Walker, (Assistant Superintendent), Mr. Kim (Math and Science Supervisor) and Ms. Wainer (ESL/Bilingual and World Languages Supervisor) also had the tour as the students proudly showed their work.

"It is thrilling to see our students not only mastering content, but also applying strategies that they will need to thrive in their world. The teamwork, collaboration and critical thinking skills inherent to this project will last them a lifetime!” Dr. L.Gonzalez-Perez

Congratulations to the teachers and the students for all of thier hard work and for sharing such a wonderful presentation.