ROSELLE, NJ - Students of the Harrison Elementary put on a play on Thurs. afternoon to express the character trait of the month, Honesty. The 3rd grade team used a projector to show situations and the audience participated by responding if the student in the scene was being honest. 

The masters of ceremonies Maribel Gonzalez & Leonor Soriano explain that one person making a decision to be honest can make a big difference to those around them.

Students shared exciting facts based on the lives of two of our nation’s most honest presidents, George Washington & Abraham Lincoln, played respectively by Alexavier Rivera  & Daniel Rodriguez. The ensemble performed the reader’s theater play “The Washington - Lincoln Chat” by Jacqueline Sweeney, helping them imagine what it would have been like if these two men had ever met.

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The cast worked with the audience to gets the kids thinking asking them the question, “Can you recognize honesty if you saw it in action?”  

Students Sarah Morisset, DeShaun McGriff, Rashel Granados, Maricruz Meneses, Tia Beals, Anthony Ojeda, Leilany Mullins, and Andre Lebron created scenarios and then filmed them acting it out. The audience had to decide, “Does this scene show someone being honest?”

The Play ends by a whole grade level performance of the song “All About Honesty.” 

“One of our core values at Harrison School is Integrity. Mrs. Espin, Mrs. Ruiz, Ms. Luis, Ms. Makely and Ms. Servon’s third grade classes know that integrity means being honest all the time,” said Melissa D. Nevarez, Bilingual Social Worker for the District.  “The students’ third grade assembly shows that honesty and integrity can be seen through many different aspects of our lives.