CLARK, NJ - Allegations of harassment made by Roselle Mayor Christine Dansereau against state Assemblyman Jamel Holley came to an end Thursday when Municipal Court Judge Antino Inacio, dismissed the case.

In doing so, Inacio said the actions of Holley were not criminal, but he did say they demonstrated bad behavior.

Dansereau asserted Holley harassed her with obscenities numerous times during their phone conversations. She also stated in her complaint that during one phone conversation she was in her office with the speaker phone on and the cursing was heard by her staff.

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In a statement, Holley’s attorney, Anthony Anastasio, said Holley had been “vindicated” and called Dansereau a “struggling politician” who “wants to blame Assemblyman Holley for her political setbacks.”

Roselle resident Maria Hegener was in the court room when the judge made his ruling. “I was at the hearing and the judge said that Holley was wrong and that he should apologize and that no woman should be subjected to any verbal or physical abuse by no one and that includes Holley,” Hegener said. “The judge said although he (Holley) was wrong, there's no such law in the books that would subject him to jail time.”

Dansereau, in a statement said, “I respect the judge’s decision and the deficiencies in the law governing this type of harassment.” She also said the harassment stopped once she took a stand, but added that if it resumes she now has a paper trail to fall back on.