LINDEN, NJ –  Mayor Derek Armstead announced employment assistance to 187 employees laid off from the Linden Sam’s Club, 1900 E. Linden Avenue.

“It is with great saddest that we are losing one of our box clubs in the area as well as the displacement of so many employees,” said Mayor Armstead. “To address this issue we will be sponsoring a job fair on January 22,  through our Linden First employment program along with Sam’s Club, and other businesses to assist the displaced employees,” he added.

Mayor Armstead visited the Linden Sam’s Club location this morning after receiving a 9 a.m. telephone call from its corporate headquarters indicating that the entire facility was closing. While there, Mayor Armstead discussed with management the facility closing and asked how the city may assist the displaced 187 employees, by sponsoring the January 22, Linden First Job Fair which will run from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the Linden Multi-Purpose Center, 1025 John Street, in Linden.

For additional information, please contact the Mayor’s office at 908-474-8493.