ROSELLE, NJ - A Roselle gas station was robbed of more than $2,000 Monday by two men, one who held a gun to an attendant's neck, according to reports and a witness.

The incident, at the Gulf station on East 1st Ave., was reported at about 4:20 p.m., according to the Breaking News Network, (BNN), which monitors police calls. It was confirmed by Sanjeev Maini the attendant on duty.

Maini said he was taken by surprise when two men walked up on the booth in which he was sitting. One of the men brandished a gun and put it to his neck demanding all of his cash, he said.

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Roselle police have not released any information about the incident.

“Both guys came up from behind me,” said Maini. “The first guy came up to me and hit me first two times, then pulled a gun and put it to my neck and told me to give him all of my money. Then the second guy came up on the other side and said, 'I know that you have more cash,' and started reaching for my pockets and I gave them everything that I had.”

Maini said one of the men was black, heavy-set black and about 40 years old while the other was also black but younger, seemingly in his 30s. He said they got away with more than $2,000 and fled on foot onto Thompson Avenue.

“I have worked here for many years and nothing like this has ever happened,” said Maini.