ROSELLE PARK, NJ - “Reading is “Fun”damental“, this public service announcement kept repeating in my head as I entered the Roselle Park Public Library for their annual Read Across America celebration. The first floor of the library was quiet as one would expect a library would be, but as I walked downstairs to the Children’s Library, I was greeted by a roomful of children and parents busily focused on the project before them,  a hand made Lorax mask.

Over Elmer’s Glue, popsicle sticks and construction paper, children and their parents bonded and others wandered through the rows of children’s books. The area was filled with an array of color, displays and kiddie furniture that made you feel like a kid again.

While it would appear that chaos could rein at any moment, rest assured, the Children’s Librarian, Elena Tsomaeva and staff, decked out in full Seuss regalia, had everything well under control. “Would you like a hat” asked Ellen the Children’s Librarian. “Of Course!” I responded. “What would a Dr. Seuss celebration be without Seuss wear?”
Reading to a group of 20 or so toddlers is no easy task, and when I was called to take a seat in granny’s rocking chair center stage, all eyes peered forward. The pressure was on, but no fear, I had my trusty book, “Martino and the Christmas Mouse” to read, and all kids love doggie stories with large doggie pictures.

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Now that I warmed up the crowd, Councilwoman Charlene Storey was next with a classic Seuss book in hand.  As she read her “Stor(e)y” pun intended, I had an opportunity to speak with President of the Library Board, Pat Butler. Pat has years of Library experience and I could sense the excitement in her voice as she talked about today’s program and all of the wonderful possibilities and programs the Library offers to Roselle Park.

Reading time was over and now time for the Pièce de résistance, cupcakes layered with red and white icing along with a colorful red juice. The children eyes widened with joy to see cupcakes and juice before them. So before the sugar kicked in, it was my time to depart the wonderful children’s library. Leaving, I thought, Reading IS “Fun”damental.

For more information about the Roselle Park Veteran’s Memorial Library and their programs visit or call 908-245-2456