ROSELLE, NJ - During their February 13, meeting, Superintendent Dr. Richard Corbett, Board of Education Vice President Jazmine Blair Charles and the entire Roselle Board of Education honored the winners of Dr. Charles C Polk Elementary School's 2017 Science Fair.

The winners are:

First Grade: First place: Symphony Sheffield-Washington, "How does lemon juice affect the oxidation process?"; Second Place: Mauricio Navarro, "Why Is Sugar Bad for You?"; Third place: Avrielle Smith, "Does smell affect taste"

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Second Grade: First place: Jhosuah Gochez, "Does oil float on water?"; Second place: Sanai Alston, "Do some liquids expand more than others when frozen?"; Third place: Mikahi Valle, "Can water be layered?"

Third Grade: First place: Davon Rhodes, "What is the best way to store bread?"; Second place: Steven Johnson, "Do worms prefer light or darkness?"; Third place: Xander Long, "Which paper towel brand is the most absorbent?"

Fourth Grade: First place (tie): Destin Darko, "Impacting Plant Growth"; First place (tie): Bridgette Duffour, "Acids, Bases and Salts"; Third place: Steven Almiron, "Does an object's weight affect its ability to float sink on Non-Newtonian fluids?"

The judges were Roselle’s Mr. Michael Johnson, Director of Association Initiatives, YMCA, Healthy U-Catch Grant; Ms. Maryellen Moffitt, RPS Gifted and Talented Coordinator; Ms. Karen Oliphant, RPS Testing Supervisor; and Ms. Daryl Wainer, RPS Supervisor, ESL, Bilingual and World Languages.