ROSELLE, NJ- The Borough Council honored 81- year- old resident Rose Meng for completing over a 2 mile walk to raise money for the Roselle Walks for Cancer Event that was held in October.

“This council, the organizers, and myself found it really humbling that Rose completed the walk, and I truly feel blessed to know her,” said Mayor Jamel Holley, who presented Meng with an award.

Meng received a standing ovation from the council and the citizens who attended the meeting. Meng stood up and said she was apprehensive to walk, at first, but many in the community walked right beside her, cheering her straight to the finish line. 

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“If I die tonight this will be the most wonderful night of my life; the borough and the council treat me like a queen” said Meng.

In other business, Councilwoman Christine Dansereau noted that “a resource forum” will take place on December 2, 2014 from 6pm to 8pm at Abraham Clark High School, and she urged everyone to attend.

CALLED “CHANGE THE ODDS FOR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES,” The forum educates the citizens on all the resources Roselle has to offer them.

“There is so much available it’s almost mind blowing,” said Dansereau. “You as a citizen are paying tax dollars, so you should be fully using all of the resources available to you.”

Separately, the community of Roselle has started to adopt “green policies” following NJ sustainable. There are 17 components within the polices and Roselle has “a line in them all,” Councilman Hayman said.

“My mission is to make Roselle a destination city rather than an exodus city,” said Hayman.

Hayman talked about a new innovation for the town called “Roselle Connects”, which is real time connection with all Roselle departments where you can ask any question you have pertaining to them. “Change has come to Roselle” He said.

Gina Romero is reporting this story as part of the journalism program at Kean University.