ROSELLE, NJ - The Borough of Roselle is looking to help residents save money in the long-term by making impactful changes at home by hosting the “Roselle Residential Checkup.” 

The checkup will feature industry experts who will consult one-on-one with residents looking to refinance their mortgages, upgrade to energy-efficient appliances, restore their credit or find alternative energy solutions. 

The event hosted by Roselle Borough Council and championed by Councilman Samuel Bishop and Councilman-at-Large Rev. Reginald Atkins, will take place Saturday, October 29, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Roselle Borough Hall, 210 Chestnut Street.

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“No homeowner or renter is immune to the monthly expenses that place drains on our bank accounts,” Bishop said. “This event will help residents make real changes in their homes so they can see real savings,” he added.

Councilman-at-Large Rev. Reginald Atkins said he has heard “countless” stories about how inefficiencies in the home can sap otherwise necessary financial resources or disposable income.

“One’s ability to save money can’t be overstated. One expensive cost can set a family back for years,” Atkins and Bishop said. “Everyone needs a rainy day fund and small changes in the home can help our residents create a financial cushion so they don’t fall flat if they incur a large expense.”

Assemblyman Jamel C. Holley, who represents Roselle in New Jersey’s 20th Legislative District, said making seemingly small financial decisions today can have “profound effects” moving forward. 

“Things like refinancing a mortgage, upgrading your windows, or using more efficient appliances can save you thousands of dollars a year,” Holley said. “We want to help people envision how they could be using their savings and then help them realize their goals.”