ROSELLE, NJ - The Borough of Roselle is looking to help residents save money in the long-term by making impactful changes and explain how to save money at home.

The Borough will host the “Roselle Residential Checkup,” an event hosted by Roselle Borough Council and championed by Councilman Samuel Bishop and Councilman-at-Large Rev. Reginald Atkins. The event will take place Saturday, November 4, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Roselle Borough Hall, 210 Chestnut Street, in Roselle.

The checkup will feature industry experts to consult one-on-one with residents on any one of the following areas: auto loan refinancing, disability protection, credit card & personal loan refinancing, personal & business income tax resolution, energy efficient appliance, alternative energy, reverse mortgage solutions (age 62 and over), mortgage protection, mortgage refinancing and credit restoration.

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“No homeowner or renter is immune to the monthly expenses that place drains on our bank accounts,” Bishop said. “This event will help residents make real changes in their homes so they can see real savings,” he added.

“One’s ability to save money can’t be overstated. One expensive cost can set a family back for years,” said Atkins. “Small changes in the home can help families create a financial cushion so they can plan ahead and not be in financial crisis if unexpected expenses arise.”