ROSELLE, NJ -  The Mind and Body Complex received the green light on Tuesday night. The borough of Roselle, in collaboration with the Roselle Board of Education, made an historic vote on behalf of all residents in the community.

After two years of deliberation, differences of opinion, and an exhausting, labor-intensive process, the Roselle Mind and Body Complex, a 4-acre, 100,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility, is officially a go.

Features of The Mind and Body complex include: a school, 21st-century digital library, and community center with a swimming pool, gymnasium, recording studio, computer labs and community rooms.

Mayor Jamel C. Holley said, “I want to thank the professionals who have anchored the development of the project, the Borough of Roselle staff, The Roselle Board of Education led by Board President Rev. Reginald Atkins and School Superintendent Dr. Kevin West, Roselle Borough Council-members Dansereau, Aubourg, Hayman, Sandifer, Shaw and Lock; Board of Education Vice-President Archange Antoine and board members Walker, Sitarski, Ricks. We did it. Let's go.”