Roselle Park, NJ -- Council members raised the issue of business applications at the Feb. 15 council meeting. Council members discussed that small retail business owners may have to go through a review committee before going through with the planning board application process. Currently, certain zones in the borough of Roselle Park have been considered for the use of principal sources, especially for retail services. 

If a salon business meets the requirements of the stated conditions, the application becomes a planning board application that needs to go through approval. This is the current process. There may be more than one set condition such as one hair salon business cannot be within 1000 feet of another salon business. However, those who do not meet the stated conditions will have to go through the Development Review Committee. 

“DRC reviews board applications for technical completeness,” Richard Vernucci, Roselle Park’s Borough Zoning Officer, said. The members on the board are typically those who are also members of the planning group -- police, fire, instructional engineers, etc. 

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“The review applicant comes for review and puts on a mini-presentation of what their project will be. In turn, the members will then make a comment on the project.” Vernucci said

In this sense, the DRC is a committee that only helps to give feedback to the review applicant to rule out any errors that may occur. 

“Instead of going straight to the developer, business owners will have to go to [the Development Review Committee] first to see what [the DRC] do and don’t want,” Mr. Vernucci said. 

The notes created in the DRC meeting will be given to the board application committee, so as to stop surprises from happening. 

“It's a very professional process and the applicants really do appreciate it,” Mr. Vernucci said. 

Meetings are pre-scheduled and set for a specific date every month. There are 2 meeting per month. 

The council will decide on the time in which these meetings will be running. The meetings are recommended for the evenings, due to the complications of the employees who work part-time jobs. 

Also discussed at the meeting was the possibility for the town’s Green Team. Councilman Fahoury stated that the Green Team may get the town an assortment of grant money as well as make the town greener. 

Michelle McLaine and Arnulfo Toro, residents of Roselle Park, both made positive cases on the town’s Green Team, emphasizing the use of grants and the involvement of the children, a bonding experience for the children, parents, and the town. 

Councilman DeIorio proposed developing a one-stop service center for new residents who may not know where to go when looking for certain documents. 

Roselle Park’s Chief Financial Officer Ken Blum noted financial statements have been extended from February 10 to February 26 due to the new system that has been implemented in the state. 

Mayor Hokanson recognized Daisy Troop 40773 for their donation to the Roselle Park Animal Rescue. 

Along with the Daisy Troops, Mayor Hokanson also recognized Salon 122, Exquisite Hair Design, as Business of the Month. 

Mayor Hokanson also reminded residents that all pets must be registered and licensed before March 1. If a pet is not registered by March 1, the summons will commence the week of March 5.                         

Lena Zhu is reporting this story as part of the journalism program at Kean University.