The Roselle Police dept. along with representatives from the Roselle Everett Hatcher Prevention Coalition have placed a crashed automobile on the lawn of the Abraham Clark H.S. along with a banner above it reminding students the possible outcome of drinking and driving. They also placed signs through out the borough to remind everyone Not to Drink and Drive. 

This time of year when students are attending Prom and Graduations, the risk of drinking and driving increases. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),  suggests these tips.

Teens can:

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• Choose to never drink and drive.

• Refuse to ride in a car with a teen driver who has been drinking.

• Know and follow their state’s GDL laws.

• Follow "rules of the road" in their parent-teen driving agreement.

• Wear a seat belt on every trip, no matter how short.

• Obey speed limits.

• Never use a cell phone or text while driving.

Parents can:

• Understand that most teens who drink do so to get drunk.

• Recognize the dangers of teen drinking and driving and that teen drivers are at much greater risk of crashing after drinking alcohol than adult drivers.

• Provide teens with a safe way to get home (such as picking them up or paying for a cab) if their driver has been drinking.

• Model safe driving behavior.

• Consider tools like parent-teen driving agreements to set and enforce the "rules of the road" for new drivers. Safe driving habits for teens include the following:

◦ Never drink and drive

◦ Follow state GDL laws

◦ Wear a seat belt on every trip

◦ Limit nighttime driving

◦ Set a limit on the number of teen passengers

◦ Never use a cell phone or text while driving

◦ Obey speed limits

Get your copy of CDC's parent-teen driving agreement and learn more about safe teen driving at