ROSELLE, NJ - Keeping pets up to date on rabies shots is the law in New Jersey; it is also in the best interest of the animals, family, and community. The Roselle Board of Health will sponsor a Free Anti-Rabies Vaccination Clinic for dogs and cats. 

The two day clinic will be held on Friday, May 6 from 5:00pm to 7:00pm and Saturday, May 7, from 10:00am to noon at Borough Hall 210 Chestnut Street. 

Immunity duration: 3Years for dogs and cats vaccinated at 12 months of age or older. 

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Dogs / Cats to be vaccinated: 

Received last vaccination 2013

3-12 months of age and never received vaccination

Received 1 year vaccination in 2015 and at that time was 3-12 months of age

Cats - No License Required

Dogs - 2016 License required (License will be available) 

$9.00 License - Spayed / Neutered

$12.00 License - Non Spayed / Neutered

In addition a $2.00 late fee will be accessed for renewal license.

Note: All dogs must be on a leash/ cats in a carrier.