“Splendors of the Animal Kingdom”, a solo exhibit of photographs by Roselle Park, New Jersey resident, Michael Rennie Peterson, through March 11, 2016. The Gallery is located in the Casano Community Center, 314 Chestnut St. Roselle Park, New Jersey. There will be a reception to meet the artist on Wed Feb 10, 2016   6:00 –8:00PM. The Casano Community Center and the Art Gallery hours are Monday – Thursday 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, Friday till 5 pm. 908-245-0666

Peterson’s passion is photographing wildlife, especially whales. He shares that, “Whales are difficult to photograph and it has taken me over 25 years to develop the technique and to learn to their behavior. They are difficult to photograph as they spend 95% of their time below the surface and one must anticipate when they will ‘breach’ the surface.” The twelve photographs in this exhibit depict a variety of wildlife. They range from close-ups of a lion, a whale breaching, to a charming shot of a mother elephant’s closeness to her young offspring. Many of the photos in the exhibit are from the Safari he took in July of 2014. Also included from that Safari is a spectacular Serengeti sunset. 

Peterson was honored to have two photographs published in Cape Air's summer edition of their in flight magazine. His shot of a humpback whale breaching off Cape Cod graced the cover and the second photograph was included inside the magazine. Upcoming, "African Safari Journal and Field Guide" will be placing his Safari photograph of two lions in a tree on the cover of the next edition coming out later this year. This is a guide book that is used for Africa.

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Spending the late 60's and early 70's in California during the Haight-Ashbury era he took no photographs recording that time. Later he began traveling and regretted not having photos of the places he had visited. He took up photography as his travels brought him to more countries and his interest in recording these experiences increased.

Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Peterson left there shortly after graduating high school in 1966. He says of his life, “I have been lucky enough to have traveled to all 50 states and over 50 countries in my life and have lived in 5 other countries. Antarctica is the only continent I have not seen and my goal is to go there within the next 2 years.”

Peterson has shared his photography with several slide shows of the Safari in the Serengeti including, one at the Casano Community Center, and also at the Roselle Park Library. He has used Nikon cameras and lenses for nearly 30 years and currently uses a D300 and D800. All of the photos in this exhibit were taken with those cameras.

You can contact Peterson at: michaelrenniephotography@gmail.com

The Casano Community Center is located in downtown Roselle Park and is a gathering place for the whole Roselle Park community with programs for senior citizens during the day, and activities throughout the year for all ages. The mission of the Art Gallery is to give Roselle Park residents a venue to display their artistic works and connect with the community at large. The Art Gallery accepts work only from Roselle Park residents. Artwork must be 2 dimensional, no sculpture or jewelry will be accepted. You can contact Seufert at 908-228-2417 or through e-mail Beyond-Words@att.net.