ROSELLE, NJ - Students at the Washington Elementary demonstrated their science projects at the schools Annual Science Fair on Friday evening. 

School Principal Mrs. Marianne Tankard welcomed the audience of parents and grandparents and gave awards to the students for their participation as they came up to the microphone to tell everyone what they had created. 

Each student was provided with a comprehensive science fair packet which guided them and their families through the process of preparing for the science fair. The packet also offered a link to, which grants students free resources and a short differentiation quiz that helped them by suggesting projects customized to each student’s interests.

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Each student displayed one of the following entry types:

*An Investigation/Scientific Experiment in an area that he/she chose. (i.e. “What is the effect of soda on teeth?”)

*Research for the purpose of sharing learned information. (i.e. Electricity)

The students chose projects of making lava lamps, fermentation of yeast, floating eggs, seed germination, how volcano’s work, and how magnets attract. One student made a fan while another created a moving car out of a soda can. Plus solar systems and many other projects. 

Roselle’s Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Richard Corbett also spoke to the families and the students about the importance of learning by not just reading about a subject but by getting actively involved and learning by doing. He ended his talk by saying, “These children are the most important thing that we do.” He also spoke to the students and said,“You are important, yeah you, do you know that? You are important and you are important too!” 

Highlights of the event can viewed below.