The role of the press in our society in this modern era cannot be over emphasized. The press is the channel through which information resources are disseminated world-wide with a view to keeping people abreast with the happenings, news, and events going on in their society.  On this note and with great humility in our  hearts, the Roselle Community happily welcomes The Alternative Press of Roselle/Roselle Park to our great town. This is needed in our communities and it came at the right time and will help disseminate news and resourceful information materials in our communities.

This unprecedented milestone will also help spread and coordinate news events  in both communities and we are very thrilled with this history making event. Roselle had always been a history making town being the first town that was lit with electricity by Thomas Edison in 1883.  We have done it again. Hurray to Roselle as we welcome The Alternative Press of Roselle/Roselle Park.

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We also use this medium to salute the Editor of The Alternative Press of Roselle/Roselle Park, Kathy Lloyd for her untiring effort in coordinating the news events associated this great development.

We salute you and your team and wish you a very fantastic journey as you bring great news events to and for our communities. You all are awesome people. Keep up the great work. Welcome to Roselle.

                                                                                     Author Azuka Zuke
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