ROSELLE/ROSELLE PARK, NJ - Football fans, enjoy the game, and then brace yourself. As the game ends Sunday night, take a peek out your windows, as we will be hit with snowstorm number two. Forecasters seem to be in agreement, and four of the five models are showing that the storm that originally appeared to be heading south of us by D.C. will now drift north, and hit areas from Central NJ to the Catskills with some accumulation of sleet and snow.

At this time depending on what weather service you follow, the best guess is between 4 to 8 inches between Sunday night and Monday afternoon.

For those of you that are utterly cynical after Monday's "blizzard," I must point out that this is a storm that is not coming up the coast, but rather heading west to east coming up from Texas. No coastal involvement, and so far none of the models are showing anything about a miss, unless things radically change and go back to heading completely south of us, which seems to be off the table as of now.

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The Roselle PBA put out this weather statement:
Winter storm for 2/1/15 into 2/2/15

The winter storm forecast for Sunday evening into Monday morning will bring snow, ice, a wintry mix and rain statewide.

We anticipate hazardous travel conditions statewide due to snow, ice and a wintry mix, to include the Monday morning commute. Statewide totals are presently forecast as less than 3” below the I-195 corridor, 3-8” for central NJ and 8-14” for the northern third of the State.

Behind whatever happens with this storm, Sunday will have a high of 36° dropping to 29° in the evening. Monday morning could have a mixture of snow and sleet. Mondays high will be 33° and the low will be 11°. will be monitoring things throughout the weekend and provide updates where necessary.