ROSELLE/ROSELLE PARK, NJ - According to the National Chicken Council's 2015 Wing Report (yes, there is such a thing) released today, 1.25 billion chicken wings will be eaten during Super Bowl XLIX.

To put that into perspective, if 1.25 billion wing segments were laid end to end, they would stretch back and forth from CenturyLink Field in Seattle (home of the Seahawks) to Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA (home of the New England Patriots) almost 28 times.  It's enough to put 572 wings on every seat in every NFL stadium.    

Locally, Roselle Chicken (Chestnut Ave. in Roselle) expects to sell more wings on Super Bowl Sunday than usual. “Its going to be very busy”, said Mgr. Mohammed. “It gets crazy!”

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More than half of adults who eat chicken wings say they typically like to eat them with ranch dressing, according to the National Chicken Council (NCC) survey, which was conducted by Harris Poll*. In order of preference are:

• Ranch Dressing: 56%
• BBQ Sauce: 42%
• Blue Cheese Dressing: 36%
• Hot Sauce: 36%
• Celery: 35%
• Carrots: 20%
• Nothing: 10% (self-described purists who eat nothing with their wings). 
To Bone or Not to Bone?

The survey touched on growing popularity of "boneless wings"; 54% of respondents prefer traditional, (bone-in) wings while 46 percent chose boneless. 

The Drumette vs. Flat

The vast majority of wings, especially those destined for restaurants, are disjointed, with the third joint (the thin part known as the wing tip or flapper) being exported to Asian countries. The meatier first and second joints being sold domestically.  Wings are usually split and served in two segments known as the "drumette" and the "flat." The breakout: 46% prefer the drumette, 25% the flat, and 10% prefer their wings whole. (About 19% didn't have a preference.).

The National Chicken Council is a non-profit trade association based in Washington, D.C.  Member companies of NCC account for more than 95% of the chicken sold in the U.S.