SOMERSET , NJ – Over the past few years, non-profit organizations have used “creative and unique” campaigns to bring local and national attention to their cause. 

The ALS Foundation took the country and world by storm during the summer of 2014 with the Ice Bucket Challenge.  Susan G. Komen has spread the word about breast cancer by painting towns pink. The Pancreatic Cancer Network uses purple, and so on.

The non-profit organizations that support these and other causes at the local and state level will work on the “next great idea” on Wednesday at The Center for Non-Profit’s conference, “Raising the Voices of Our Communities.”

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The annual event, which will be held at The Palace at Somerset Park, attracts local and statewide non-profits, major funders, corporate sponsors and many others to set the tone for New Jersey non-profits in 2019.

"Non-profits are vital to both the social and economic well-being of our state, providing essential programs and services, employing nearly 10 percent of the state’s private workforce, and spending $42 billion annually, Linda M. Czipo, president and CEO of the Center for Non-Profits said.  “Often, they are the first, last or only source of help for people in distress. They are important partners with government in delivering critical programs and services to our state’s residents, realizing a return on investment that saves the government millions of dollars each year.”  

This year’s event, themed “Raising the Voices of Our Communities,” will “emphasize that more than ever it is essential to ensure that New Jersey non-profits embrace, represent and amplify the voices of our multiple constituencies in mission, deed and impact.”

Czipo said the focus of the conference will be to find ways to ensure the communities in which a non-profit serves is at the center of everything do.

“There’s no doubt that our policy, legal, and philanthropic landscapes are shifting,” Czipo said. “In these tumultuous times, one thing that remains the same is that New Jersey non-profits are at the forefront of making our communities, state and nation better, stronger places to live and work. This conference will cover a wide range of topics that non-profit organizations from all 21 counties must face, individually and collectively, in order to remain strong for the future and for the communities we serve.”

Author Leslie R. Crutchfield highlights the morning session of the conference, speaking about her book, How Change Happens: Why Some Social Movements Succeed While Others Don’t.  Antionette Kerr of Bold & Bright Media and Kim Pevia of K.A.P. Inner Prizes will also lead a session on “How Emotional Challenges Shape a Diverse Non-Profit.” TAPinto Publisher and CEO Mike Shapiro will also speak about non-proftis can get their message out through mainstream media.

Additionally, the conference includes a variety of breakout sessions geared towards all non-profit careers.

For complete conference details and online registration, visit