ROSELLE PARK, NJ - Now that reorganization meetings are over, the Roselle Park Mayor and Council settled in to get to work at the Thursday night council meeting. 

A few Changes were made since the re-organization meeting with Councilman Robert Matthieu resigning from the position of Arts Committee Liaison and then nominating Councilman-at-large Joe DeIorio to fill the spot stating that DeIorio has more experience and has been involved since it was created. It was unanimously approved. DeIorio was also added back onto the Library Board as Council Liaison, and as a Liaison to the Board of Education. 

The first reading was held and proved for the following ordinances. The second reading and hearings will be held on February 7 meeting. 

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Roselle Park Arts Committee Created

Roselle Park Diversity Committee

Funding for the acquisition of recreational equipment, bike path improvements, and trees.

An ordinance repealing ordinance number 2395 as codified in section 2 – 4 of the code of the borough of Roselle Park and adopting N. J. S. A. 19: 44A– 1 ET SEQ which is known as pay to play, which would allow contributors to donate more than $200 to a political campaign. The current limit is up to $200.

While Council members DeIorio, Jayme Lynn Negron and William Fahoury, were strongly against the action, stating that it opens up a problem of big businesses donating large sums of money to campaigns to get town contracts, Mayor Signorello stated that it wasn’t the case, he and other council members are looking to attract better and bigger companies come to Roselle Park which could lead to the town getting better services. 

The council also discussed the bylaws with a lot discussion on the time limits for committee reports and the public portion time, all being reduced to a three-minute time limit.

Council Members DeIorio, Negron, and Fahoury, argued the more time should be allowed. It was also brought up by a few residents during the public portion. 

Mayor Signorello’s response was that he was trying to streamline the meetings noting that in the past, meetings would go very late making it hard for some to be able to stay. He noted that some of these residents are parents and may have to get a sitter and the meetings or are older and running so late make it impossible for them. He stated that a 2-hour meeting is more feasible than 4 hours or more.

The Arts Committee members were also appointed as follows:

Michele McGlynn LoManto

Jamie O'Connell

Kim Vitale

Jessica Avecillas

Pico Reinoso

Pam Reinoso

Lina Crincoli

Rafael Simancas

Louis Falcon

An adjustment to the Municipal Land-Use Board to accurately reflect the following changes.

Alternate #1 Paul Baiamonte

Alternate #2  John Curia

The Mayor was also removed as chairman of Municipal Budget and Finance representative. Councilman Petrosky was added as the Municipal Budget and Finance Representative and designated Councilman Mathieu as Committee Chairperson. Councilman Mathieu is also Public Buildings and Facilities and Councilwoman Negron Commerce.

The Next Meeting of Mayor and Council will be Thursday, February 7, at 7 p.m. at the Municipal Building located at 110 East Westfield Avenue. and is the official electronic news source for your town! To get your free daily Roselle or Roselle Park news, click on your town. 

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