NEW JERSEY -- A new game show on truTV called “Paid Off with Michael Torpey” offers relief from student debt to its winners. Actor and Host, Michael Torpey, appeared on One-on-One with Steve Adubato to discuss the very real problem of outstanding college loan debt and how his show attempts to tackle this issue.

The show features recent college grads with student loan debt who compete against each other by answering trivia questions on topics ranging from scholarly to silly. The winner receives cash towards the money they owe, potentially wiping out their entire debt load.

Torpey grew up in Glen Rock, New Jersey, and is best known for his role on the Netflix series, “Orange is the New Black.”

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“Paid Off” is funny and lighthearted, but the fact that there are 45 million Americans who have college debt is no laughing matter, which Torpey acknowledges.

“The show is hopefully entertaining, raises awareness, and helps people out,” he said. “Nobody has all the answers,” Torpey continued, “but I do think there are some programs out there right now that are headed in the right direction. Debt-free college is something we should all be exploring, something that has a sliding scale for all students,” he said.

And while Torpey does want his show to be popular and engaging, he says that “Paid Off” has a higher goal. “The show is only successful if it creates a full national conversation. Forty-five million Americans--it’s a huge number, it’s too large a group to be ignored,” he said. “That’s too many people to only be talking about during the election cycle.”

“Paid Off with Michael Torpey” airs 10pm Thursdays on truTV.