ROXBURY, NJ – People concerned about the cost to the township of the three-year-long Fenimore Landfill ordeal came really close yesterday to learning the pricetag.
Anti-Fenimore activists had asked for a cost breakdown at the Nov. 18 meeting of the mayor and council. They showed up again at last night's meeting and came away knowing at least this: Roxbury has spent more than a quarter-million dollars in court costs and other actions. 
However, those attending the session were left unsure whether the figure of about $273,000 cited by Mayor Jim Rilee represented the township’s total expenditure to date or merely the amount of money spent this year. 
Referring to information he received from Township Manager Christopher Raths, who did not attend the meeting, the mayor initially said the number is a “to date” expenditure. However, others on the council said they believed Rilee was mistaken and that the $273,000 was the amount spent in 2014 alone.
Although the mayor said he was pretty sure the figure is a total for all three years, he acknowledged he needed to “get it straight” by asking Raths. He also noted Roxbury is continuing its efforts to “recap” some of the money from the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and other sources, and he vowed the municipality will “move forward” with litigation and other Fenimore action even if no DEP reimbursements are forthcoming.