ROXBURY, NJ – Local girls with decent volleyball skills have a chance to represent the United States in Germany this July. The caveat: They need to transfer those skills to the fistball court.

The United States Fistball Association (USFA) is seeking seven to 10 female athletes to play in the Youth World Fistball Championships in Nuremberg, Germany, said USFA President Bob Feid. The players must be 18 or younger, he said.

“As fistball is similar to volleyball in technique, our experience is that volleyball players will be able to learn the rules and technique of fistball easier,” said Feid. “However, any u18 female interested in participating is welcome. All female athletes born during 1998 or later are qualified to make the u18 female fistball team.”

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Practices will take place this spring in Roxbury at the Swim and Sport Club on Emmans Road. That’s the place where the first Pan-American Fistball Games were played in August.

“Fistball is a very exciting and fast paced team sport consisting of five players on each team,” said Feid. “Similar to how volleyball is played, fistball also allows three individual touches using either closed fist with a bounce allowed before each touch. As in volleyball, when receiving a serve from an opponent, the idea is to save, set and spike the ball back into the opponent’s half of the field.”

Feid said he is committed to making fistball a more common sport in the United States. He has given fistball presentations to students in Roxbury schools. “With the recent growth of fistball in the area, this is a great opportunity for young athletes to experience this international event and represent the United States as part of the National Team,” said Feid. “The USFA has participated with men’s and women’s teams in international play for several years, competing on the world championship level.”

Feid noted that fistball has been played at the Swim and Sports Club since 1938 and has had many players as both the men’s and women’s United States national teams.

To see how fistball is played, watch the recent Women's World Cup below. (Fast forward the first 10 minutes to get past the opening ceremony).

Click Here for a 3min video of the fistball rules. One can also download the written rules. Click Here for a series of 30 second videos for individual hitting/setting/defending techniques.

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