Roxbury C.A.R.E. (Concerned Advocates for Roxbury Education) proudly announces that it endorses three candidates for Roxbury School Board in the November election-Carol Scheneck, Rich Alexander and Dan Masi.

Carol and Rich currently serve on the BOE, and Dan has been an active participant at school board meetings for the past two years.

 Another slate of candidates, whose signs are already up in the township, is known as ACT and has issued a press release which was printed recently. ACT has close connections with TEAM, the slate of candidates that has run unsuccessfully for the past five elections, in an effort to oust current board members.

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Ron Lucas, co-founder of C.A.R.E., stated, "The press release issued by Laurel Whitney, campaign manager for ACT, contains a number of misleading and false allegations that must be rebutted. Whitney has made a claim that board members made certain statements about Ms. Scheneck which are absolutely false. No board members ever made any such statements.

"Additionally, Ms. Whitney is alleging that school district finances are "a mess" under the supervision of Carol Scheneck, the chair of the finance committee. This is also a false statement. The school district is in excellent financial shape as confirmed by the latest independent audit. The audit states,"The financial position of the district is healthy, and the district has implemented many significant cost-saving actions."

"I am very proud of my record serving the community on the Roxbury school board, and I plan on running a positive campaign, focusing on the accomplishments of the school district under the current school board, and my voting record," stated Carol Scheneck. "People who know me know that I have always voted my conscience, that I always provide an explanation, that I am concerned about and support the students as well  as the employees of the district. I have always been available to answer any questions a member of the public might have."

Ms. Scheneck went on to say," I am very disappointed by the ACT campaign's false and defamatory statements. As an attorney, before I make any statements about any opponent in a campaign, I check my facts to make sure the statement is absolutely true. Therefore, I would invite anyone who reads any negative comments made by the ACT campaign to contact me to get the actual facts as I am concerned that ACT will continue to make unfounded allegations.

"My running mates and I are committed to take the 'high road' and run a positive campaign informing the public about our educational vision for the district instead of running a campaign based on negative and misleading comments."

Since its founding six years ago, Roxbury C.A. R. E. has been a nonpartisan organization that endorses BOE candidates who want to put Roxbury students as their priority. Much has been accomplished in the last five years by the C.A.R.E. candidates to strengthen and improve the Roxbury schools academically, athletically, in the performing arts, as well as in building and grounds improvements for the safety and security of the students and staff. C.A.R.E. will remain committed to its mission for the students and schools of Roxbury.