ROXBURY, NJ - Minnie Borrero has announced her candidacy for the Township of Roxbury School Board in an effort to address key issues impacting the school today and in the future. 

Roxbury Schools undoubtedly provide a quality education for our children, as evidenced by our high graduation rates and strong test performances.  Despite this, school enrollment is declining and Roxbury Schools are set to receive less state aid in 2019.  

Parents and teachers across Roxbury share many of Ms. Borrero’s concerns regarding the importance in hiring and retaining quality teaching staff, school safety, voting in schools, and the need for greater transparency in the board’s decision-making to ensure the district continues to thrive.      

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“One of the things that makes Roxbury such a desirable community is the strength of the school system. As a parent and resident, I know that teachers serve as the backbone of our success and its past time to give them a fair contract.  Providing a safe environment is also important and should include resolving polling in schools. And at the end of the day, residents are the primary payers and deserve more information about what’s going on.  Meeting these and other goals in a cost-effective manner is achievable with fresh thinking.”

Minnie Borrero is a mother, business executive, and proud Roxbury resident.  As President of Strategic Healthcare Alliance, she conceptualizes and implements marketing and communication activities for health plan decision-makers, an industry Ms. Borrero has worked in for 25 years. 

If elected to the School Board, Ms. Borrero plans to:

  • Get actively involved in benefit discussions with the health plan in an effort to reach a better deal.  With 25 years of experience in working with health plan decision-makers, Ms. Borrero has a keen understanding of health plan benefit design and where there may be opportunities to encourage the plan to do better. 
  • Support ongoing school safety initiatives and ensuring that future programs meet the evolving challenges facing our community.
  • Continuing to push for a timely and reasonable resolution of voting in schools by encouraging compromise and creating viable short and long-term solutions.
  • Utilizing her extensive experience in professional communications to facilitate information exchanges and better bridging the School Board and the community. 

The election will take place on Tuesday, November 6. For information on voter registration visit  As always, your vote is our future.