ROXBURY, NJ – Ever wish you were the ecstatic person on TV who just learned the old thing they found in the attic is worth thousands? Your chance for ecstasy has arrived.

There will be no TV involved, but Steve Glaubman, an expert appraiser, auctioneer and senior buyer from Berman’s Auction Gallery in Dover, will be on hand Sunday at Celebrate Preservation Day in Ledgewood. For $5 a shot, Glaubman will appraise items brought to the event, which is being sponsored by the Roxbury Township Historical Society and the Roxbury Historic Trust.

Even if you don’t own any dusty mystery items, you might enjoy paying a visit to Celebrate Preservation Day, which runs from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Drakesville Historic Park (209-213 Main St., Ledgewood). Local historians will open to the public the Silas Riggs House, the Kings House and the King Canal House and there will be antique vehicles on display, games to play, gifts to buy and refreshments.

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Mary Ann Dudak, a Roxbury history buff and Roxbury Women’s Club member, said Glaubman’s appraisals are always fun to watch. “Steve is a very personable and interesting guy, in addition to being very knowledgeable, and he has volunteered as our appraiser for several years now,” she said.  “I’ve watched visitors bring Steve antique swords, steamer trunks, jewelry, old bottles, scrapbooks, books, furniture, etc.  He tells them about the origin of their item, its features, and what it might sell for at auction.”

Dudak also said visitors might be interested in seeing a recent acquisition on display at the King House Museum: a baby’s dress and wedding stockings that belonged to Eliza King, the wife of William King of Drakesville.

The items, from 1814 and 1811, were discovered by the Boonton Historical Society, she said. “They had discovered some items in an old box that was supposed to be filled with rags, but actually contained very well-preserved items of historic significance to us in Roxbury,” said Dudak. “How they ended up in

After Sunday’s event, which is a fundraiser for the Roxbury Historic Trust, the King House Museum will be closed for a few months for renovations.