MOUNT ARLINGTON, NJ - A graduate of Rutgers University, Dawn O'Malley began her career in finance less than a month after graduation.
O'Malley, an Edward Jones Financial Advisor and a TAP into Roxbury sponsor, got her first job at Shearson Lehman Brothers in Morristown and quickly rose to become the assistant operations manager to 43 financial advisors. "I over saw every trade, every stock and bond deposit and all aspects of compliance.
When Smith Barney took over Shearson Lehman, O'Malley -- was named operations manager. It was another prestigious position where she had oversight over dozens of advisors.
After 10 years as a successful woman in the business world she married and had children.
"I had children and became a stay-at-home mom" said O'Malley, who lives in Long Valley. Life turned rewarding in a different way. "I became a substitute teacher and loved it," she said. "It was fun because I worked with children from kindergarten to eighth grade, and taought everything from Biology to Physical Education, ...I like children and it was good for my schedule and my kids' schedule." She also became troop leader for both her children in Girl Scouts and worked with other woman to teach and help them to grow to be leaders themselves.
It also turned out to be good for O'Malley's career, through substitute teaching she discovered how much she enjoyed, and had skill for, being an educator. A big part of her method of offering financial advice is teaching clients about choices and the ramifications of their decisions.
"I am more focused on educating individuals on their choices." said O'Malley. "I talk to people about the pros and cons of what they are buying, what it's costing them and what their option are. I like helping people. I like educating people. I have seen people make some mistakes that have hurt them and I want to help them avoid those mistakes."
When O'Malley isn't immersed helping her clients' with financial and money matters, she isn't likely to be found relaxing. Many weekends, and some entire weeks, are spent traveling the country as the mother of a 15 year old competitive cheerleader. "My daughter got into cheer and it has been non stop ever since. ," acknowledges O'Malley.
Asked about hobbies, or other activities she does just for herself, O'Malley said . "I work a Lot," "I do volunteer work with my church and my community but that with my work and two teenage daughters keeps on the go. I enjoy being busy!"