NEWARK, NJ – Craig Heard, Republican candidate for the 7th  Congressional district easily th deflected a clumsy attempt by perennial losing candidate, David Larsen, to challenge the Heard campaign petitions to appear on the June 7  Republican primary ballot.

Today in Newark before the Office of Administrative Law, Judge Leland McGee threw out a challenge by King Penna, the Larsen for Congress Campaign Manager, regarding many of the signatures on the Heard petitions.

Peter G. Kane, Campaign Manager for the Heard campaign said “David “Loser” Larsen has been rejected three times by the Republican voters of the 7  Congressional district.  

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“He didn’t get the message in 2010, th He ignored the will of the voters in 2012 and most recently in 2014 he was found wanting,” Kane said. “Now, on his fourth, futile run for this office, David Larsen and his attack-dog Campaign Manager King Penna should understand that the only thing worse than a three-time LOSER is a four-time SORE LOSER!”

Craig Heard was represented in court by Timothy Howes, a highly respected election law practitioner who swiftly and deftly shot-down the frivolous and unfounded basis for the challenge. Kane added, “In baseball, three strikes and you’re out.  In football, at third down and long the only thing to do is, throw a Hail Mary pass and pray. It seems the Larsen campaign is like a hapless quarterback with no options except for desperation.”