ROXBURY, NJ - With the smell of diesel in the air, fire trucks lined up this Saturday at Horseshoe Lake Park for the 10th Annual Antique Firetruck Show.

The event was hosted by the Antique Fire Association of New Jersey and it brought in faces old and new with trucks decades - for in some cases - centuries old.

Rich Briant Jr and Sr, Mine Hill and Randolph residents respectively, brought their 1924 Ford T Hose truck to the gathering for another year to after it took them nine years to restore the vehicle. However when talking about the investment put into fixing up the truck, Briant Jr. said that “all the trouble was worth it.”

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What started out as a fun project now “represents the hard work, sacrifice, dedication and passion of those who have come before us in the fire service.”

There are still newcomers to the event, like Tom Jardines, who had 30 years under his belt as a fireman but had only been the owner of an antique truck for three months. He owned a 1977 model, which he thought captured the essence of what a firetruck should be.

“There’s no character to new trucks,” he said, favoring the traditional red and white colors over newer yellows and blacks.

Showing off and appreciating antique trucks wasn't the only appeal to the event­– there were also awards for trucks. Everyone who came was guaranteed a plaque and there were awards for Best of Show, separated into whether the trucks were privately owned or fire department owned, which were further separated by whether the vehicles were original, restored, or modern.

The winner for this year’s best of show in the modern category was Flanders Fire Company.