ROXBURY, NJ - Maybe you don't agree with Fuddruckers' claim of having the "World's Greatest Hamburger." You might know for certain your uncle's pepper jack-jalepeno burger is better. But if you care about the kids playing basketball for Roxbury High, then tomorrow (Wed. 4) should be Fuddruckers day.

The Fuddruckers at the Roxbury Mall is donating "a percentage" of its Wednesday sales to the Roxbury High School basketball program. Unless you uncle is willing to do the same, his gourmet skills demonstration will have to wait.

All you have to do to help the hoops program is buy food at the Fuddruckers and tell the cashiers you came to help the Roxbury players. You are under no obligation to agree that their burgers are, in any way, superior to those made by anybody in your family.