ROXBURY, NJ – Its first Circle Day event went well last weekend, so now Circle Bowl and Entertainment is “already talking about Circle Day 2.0,” said the Ledgewood establishment’s  sales manager, Garrett Stahl.

He said about 1,000 people came to the free, sun-soaked event that took place both inside and outside the Route 46 business, a TAPinto Roxbury sponsor. “That’s right about what we were hoping for the first time around,” Stahl said. “We didn’t want to go too crazy at first. Because it was the first time we did it, we wanted to make sure we could handle it.”

Stahl said the planning paid off. Despite his fears, everything at Circle Day – from the Human Bowling to the scavenger hunts, - went pretty much as planned. “It was better than I could have asked,” he said. “I was looking all day for things to go wrong, but it actually ran smoothly.”

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The Roxbury Mayor and Council supported the endeavor, granting a special liquor license that allowed Circle Bowl to have adult beverages in the parking lot. Stahl thanked the Roxbury Police Department for being on hand throughout the day, although no police intervention proved necessary. He also thanked Roxbury firefighters and emergency squad members for helping by having a dunk tank and cooking funnel cakes.

The fact that it was an indoor-outdoor event helped people deal with the 90-degree heat. When being outside became too brutal, those enjoying Circle Day cruised inside for a bit to cool off and participate in activities including Angry Birds Bowling, Stahl said.

“Everybody just had a real good time,” he said. “I had a bunch of people coming up to me thanking me personally and that felt really good … It was really cool to have a bunch of people here and we’re already talking about Circle Day 2.0.”