My name is June Beck, a taxpayer and voter in Roxbury. I would like to publicly endorse Heather Champagne for the school board in Roxbury.

I have known Heather for over ten years and believe that she is an outstanding candidate for this position. She has always worked diligently to make the world a better place. She has organized bake sales to combat childhood hunger. She has trained for and completed many walks to raise money for various charities. I have seen her reach out to many families in need with her time and generosity.

Also, she volunteered her time to serve as Nixon Elementary School’s PTA president. She always did her research and came up with new ideas to benefit all the students in the school. When conflicts arose within committees, she was able to navigate them with diplomacy and directness. I believe she would apply these same skills to her position in the school board.

My vote on Tuesday, November 7 will be for Heather Champagne for school board.