ROXBURY, NJ - Here's a chance to channel a seemingly infinite energy source: the desire of 1st- and 2nd-graders to run around. The Roxbury Recreation Department is looking for somebody to take charge of a program for kids who like to go fast.

The department is in need of a new Clinic Track Coordinator, a program described by the township as being "designed to introduce children to the track program." Those interested in helping mold future track stars should call 973-448-2015.

Speaking of competitive running, the township's spring track program, for kids born in 2006 or earlier, is set to begin in the middle of March, according to the Recreation Department. Meets start in April and the township says there's a need for coaches here as well. Those interested in coaching these "bantam, midget and youth" level runners can register on the township website or in-person at the Recreation Department.

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Participation in the Spring Track program costs $45 and runners get T-shirts.