ROXBURY, NJ - There is a special place in the Roxbury Public Library, a zone where even the sound of a dropped pin might raise an eyebrow and bring a finger to the lips of a stern librarian.

"We have a Quiet Room," said Supervising Librarian Sue Unger. "We're not allowed to talk in there."

But it's the holidays, a time for letting loose. So on Friday night, the Quiet Room will be nothing of the sort. Instead it will be filled with some fairly high decibel holiday music performed live by The Metropolitan Saxophone Quintet.

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Made up of a drummer and four sax players, including band leader John DiEgidio - who is the associate director of bands at Mount Olive High School - the ensemble is "setting new standards for eclectic saxophone performance" with unique pop and rock arrangements "that treat audiences to music they know and love performed in a brand new way," according to the library.

"We'll clear out that Quiet Room and it will be decorated for the holidays," said Unger. "There will be refreshments and door prizes." And - in violation of all normal policies - people will be encouraged to talk (at least before the music and during intermission).

The hour-long concert is free. Doors open at 6:30 and the saxes begin wailing at 7.