ROXBURY, NJ - Thirty years ago, Craig Heard strongly supported Ronald Reagan for president of the United States. Today, Craig Heard is running for US Congress in the 7th District of NJ looking to bring those Ronald Reagan values back to the US government. Heard admired Reagan for the same reasons that so many Americans still do today, and Heard’s views over the last three decades have been unwavering.

Heard explained, “President Reagan brought leadership to the United States and respect from World Leaders by standing up for our founding father principals and conservative values. Now is time to have a ‘Declaration of Independence’ from the liberal policies of the current administration.”

The Reagan administration flourished with the support of dedicated American conservatives like Heard. Heard’s dedication – both financially and morally – to the party resulted in his appointment as an honorary delegate in July of 1988, to support the then-Vice President, George H.W. Bush, at the National Convention in New Orleans. Heard co-sponsored the GOP National Convention in New Orleans and hosted events for the entire New Jersey Republican Delegation as well.

Heard said, “President Ronald Reagan represented the true conservative values of Republicans and We the People need to join together to restore those values. The only way we can do that is with new leadership in Congress and the White House. I have proven my leadership for 40 years in business, supporting conservative candidates and the giving back to the community. I will bring that record of accomplishment to make a difference in the US Congress representing District 7. Career politicians are not entitled to be reelected, instead they must be held accountable for their 8% approval record for failing to perform.”  Heard continued, “I will make the people of the 7th District proud, and bring results to Washington DC. Your voices will Be Heard, Not Ignored."