ROXBURY, NJ – When you see a group of pink flamingoes adorning a yard in Roxbury between now and spring, it doesn’t mean the property owners purposely dove into a pool of tackiness.

It just means they were visited by the Roxbury High School Flock Squad and they didn't pay $5 to prevent the temporary infestation of flamboyant ornamentation.

The pink flamingo placements are part of a fundraiser taking place called “flocking,” according to Roxbury schools spokeswoman Ann Rhodes. It’s a not-so-bird brained effort by the school’s mini-THON committee, which is trying to raise $75,000 to be donated to fight childhood cancer, according to Rhodes.

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The committee is asking people to buy the bright pink tchotchkes which will then be planted on friends’ yards for 24 hours. People in town who would rather not see their front yards “flocked” can buy from the committee Anti-Flock Insurance for $5, Rhodes noted.

Roxbury High School Principal Jeffrey Swanson "wasn’t immune to getting flocked,” she said in a press release. “His office was flocked and a flamingo was even caught wearing his tie,” Rhodes said.

A batch of 10 flamingos costs $15, a flock of 30 is $25. Thirty of the phony fowl will set you back $35. An order form can be downloaded by clicking here.

Once the pink flamingo order forms are submitted to the mini-THON advisors, “the Flock Squad takes over,” said Rhodes. “Moving the flamingos is free of change, but a donation is optional. Flamingos are not allowed to flock on public property or apartment complexes.”

Funds raised through the flamingo flocking and other Roxbury High School mini-THON events will be donated to Four Diamonds. The high school is hosting its 5th Annual mini-THON - to conquer childhood cancer by partnering with Four Diamonds - on March 16.

“Last year, Roxbury nearly tripled its success from the previous year by having over 400 participants and raising $52,237.82,” Rhodes said. “Roxbury is looking to break $75,000 this year with your help. All mini-THON mini fundraisers are added to the overall total for the year.”

Ongoing donations can be made at any time on the RHS mini-THON donation page at Anyone can donate using the online forum provided by Four Diamonds.

Any money donated on “Donor Drive” goes directly to the Four Diamonds, which is a 501(c)3 organization eligible for tax write-offs.

Those with questions regarding the RHS mini-THON, can email