ROXBURY, NJ – Face it: You’re a bad person.

You borrowed a book or video from the Roxbury Public Library six months ago and you never returned it. And somehow you still sleep at night?

Well, here’s a chance to give up the thug life, to go from degenerate to considerate.

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Bring to the library a canned or non-perishable item to be donated to the Roxbury Social Services Food Pantry. With its “Food for Fines” drive during November, the library will slash a dollar off your overdue fines for every item you bring.

The Food Pantry helps the less fortunate in Roxbury and it survives off donated items. This is your chance for redemption but do it right: Don’t just bring anything. Click here to find out what the Food Pantry really needs.

And, come on … don’t try to get credit for retuning items you “borrowed” two years ago from another town’s library. “It’s for any Roxbury library item,” said Roxbury Public Library Director Radwa Ali.. “We can’t waive fines from other libraries.”

Speaking about fines, maybe you’re afraid to bring back that book you borrowed 15 years ago out of fear the accrued fines will force you into bankruptcy. That won’t happen.

“We put a cap on fines,” Ali said. “We’re not evil. You would never have like a hundred dollar fine. It’s usually a few dollars and after a certain amount of time, the fine is inactive. Then we just bill you for the item. We definitely work with people.”

She said the Food for Fines drive is designed to be “an incentive for people to bring stuff back” and if it helps ward off hunger “then it’s a win-win.”


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