Roxbury High School has been ranked #52 out of 337 high schools in the State of New Jersey by NJ Monthly under the leadership of the current Board of Education – and school board candidates Dan Masi, Richard Alexander, and Carol Scheneck are proud of this tremendous accomplishment and want to continue to move the Roxbury school district forward.

These three candidates, running under a slate endorsed by the education group Roxbury C.A.R.E. (Concerned Advocates for Roxbury Education), are seeking the three available board seats in the November 8 election.

Carol and Rich currently serve on the Board of Education and are running for re-election.  Dan has been an active participant at school board meetings and has served on state-level education advisory committees.  Masi, Alexander and Scheneck appear in ballot positions #1, #2 and #7 respectively.

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Dan, Rich, and Carol share a positive vision for Roxbury and are proud of the school district’s many academic, athletic, and performing arts accomplishments. Recent progress includes expansion of AP and other electives, establishing full-day kindergarten, and development of enhanced special education programs that have brought back 84 students from out of district placement, saving the taxpayers $900,000; these programs have also attracted students from other districts, increasing Roxbury school district revenue by over one million dollars.

Richard Alexander emphasized, at the October 18 Candidates Night, that the state independent auditor in 2016 reported that “the financial position of the district is healthy, and the district has implemented many significant cost-savings actions.” There have been many infrastructure and technology upgrades, with the school district securing $2.1 million in ROD grants for improvements to aging infrastructure including roof, window, security and HVAC projects - all while enhancing the quality of our curriculum and student outcomes.

As Carol Scheneck discussed at Candidates Night, the current board values the input of the community, which was recently invited to participate in the development of the district’s Strategic Plan, where teachers, members of the community, administrators, and board members met over several sessions to develop long-range goals for the school district.  These included specific goals for student achievement, technology, facilities, finance, safety and security.

Dan Masi stated at Candidates Night that he sees his goals for a successful school district as being closely aligned with his running mates, and he believes he can add significant value to the board.  He wants to continue progress in communication and transparency, board leadership, education and technology, and has specific goals for these four areas of focus.

             Dan Masi is an 11 year resident with two children in the school district. He is a public education advocate who regularly attends school board meetings. Masi also participates at the State level, where he served on the NJ Standards Review Committee, and helps run a statewide grassroots education advocacy network.  He holds a BS and ME in Electrical Engineering, an MS in Computer Science, and is an engineer/scientist in nuclear homeland security, a field in which he serves as a US-appointed expert delegate to international standards committees.

             Richard Alexander is a 24 year resident whose three daughters are products of the Roxbury school system.  He is a Product Director and holds a BS in Computer Information Systems and an MBA in Finance.  He has been a board member since 2014 and is Chair of the Community Relations & Shared Services Committee.  His community service includes spending seven years as head coach for the Roxbury Recreation Track and Field Program.

            Carol Scheneck is a lifelong resident of Roxbury and is a Certificated Board Member, with specialized training in school ethics, law, finance, and governance.  She is a past School Board President and member since 2007, and is an attorney in private practice in Succasunna.  Her undergraduate degree is in Mathematics, with a K-12 Math teaching certification.  She has served on the town council, and has been the president of the Drakesville condominium association since 1991.

Masi, Alexander and Scheneck bring leadership, experience and success to the board with a proven track record, and are committed to running a positive campaign focused on continued forward progress with recognized fiscal accountability. Learn more about them at

 Please support Masi, Alexander and Scheneck – candidates who are proud of our excellent school system, will continue to make improvements, and will continue to move the school system forward.  Vote #1, #2, and #7 on November 8.