ROXBURY, NJ - As much as 30 inches of snow is now predicted to fall tonight through tomorrow on Roxbury, forcing the township to hire a subcontractor to help plow the roads and prompting police to warn against the use of Star Trek technology when clearing driveways..

In a statement issued at about 5 p.m., Roxbury Police and Roxbury Public Works Director Richard Blood said the township's weather forecast service was predicting 22 inches to 30 inches of snow beginning after midnight and continuing through the afternoon of March 14.

"The rate of snowfall associated with this storm couple with the predicted winds will make driving very difficult," said Blood. "The road department  and subcontractor will be working through the event.  However due to the blizzard conditions expected progress will be slow.  We don’t expect to have all roads cleared until sometime Wednesday morning."

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Blood said the priority will be keeping "main thoroughfares open to allow for emergency vehicle access."

Garbage and recycling collection has been canceled for Tuesday. Only trash will be collected on Wednesday if weather allows it, he said.

"Please be advised that on-street parking is prohibited when township streets are snow covered and the township will not be responsible for damages to vehicles especially during periods of limited visibility," said Blood. "Please remove vehicles, trailers and basketball hoops that would prevent the crews from clearing the streets."

Blood asked people to "be safe" and provide adequate shelter for any animals in their care.

Roxbury police issued a statement as well. "If you park on the street the town cannot efficiently plow," police said on Facebook. "And if we can’t plow your street, you won’t see civilization until Friday."

The police added a Star Trek reference, asking that residents not "shovel, snow blow, plow or teleport the snow" onto streets "no matter how angry" they get.

"We are getting A LOT of snow," wrote the police. "Your neighbors are A LOT older then you or they may have just moved here from Arizona and they don’t know what to do. Whatever the circumstances are, be neighborly. Unplug your kids from their devices and send them over with a shovel. They may kick and scream about how unfair it is, but they will be okay after some hot chocolate and as parents you have taught them a lesson and a valuable life skill."

And then, they reminded residents that, as George Harrison once sang, all things must pass. "In the end, its just snow and it will melt by next week and before you know it we will be complaining about how hot it is and that our air conditioners don’t work," wrote somebody in the police department. "So enjoy the day off of work (if you can), break out the board games, binge watch Game of Thrones, hang out with neighbors and enjoy your family."