Note: The original version of this article erroneously said Lou Bizzari was 67 years old. Bizzari is in his 80s. He's been a firefighter with the company for 67 years.

 ROXBURY, NJ – Wielding a pair of shears used by emergency medical personnel, a veteran member of Roxbury Fire and First Aid Company 2 cut a ribbon Tuesday, symbolically opening for business the organization’s new firehouse in Landing

As public officials and Roxbury Company 2 colleagues watched, Lou Bizzari snipped through the red ribbon spanning two brick pillars at the firehouse on Shippenport Road at about 6:45 p.m.  Bizzari remains an active member of the 55-member fire company after 67 years of service.

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The township gave Habitat for Humanity the former Roxbury Company 2 firehouse  in Port Morris, said Co. 2 chief Kirk Keyes. “The original building here was just a garage and we had our main firehouse over in Port Morris,” said Keyes. “But it was so deteriorated we couldn’t repair it, so the township just put an addition on our firehouse over here. The volunteers did lot of the work themselves.”

The $700,000 project, started two years ago, gives the fire and EMS teams classroom space, a kitchen, offices, a meeting room and bathrooms. “We can hold our meetings here no and it’s somewhere we can station in case we get hurricanes and snowstorms,” said the chief. “If ever there’s a disaster, it can be used for a shelter. It’s the only shelter in the Landing area.”

The building houses three fire engines, a rescue truck, a rescue boat and two ambulances